Organic      Fair Trade     Sustainable

We roast in small batches by hand to guarantee fresh delicious coffee. 

 We do our best to give you a fair price for a quality product. Coffee pricing fluctuates with each season. Sometimes natural disasters occur like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes & flooding. These can cut off the roads that deliver goods to the port for shipping. We pay more for ethical support of countries that are planting coffee VS. cocaine or heroin. And we are a supporter of Feminina Co-ops that give women equal opportunities.You can feel good knowing you are supporting small farms that are recieving a fair price and that these beans are also environmentally friendly, sustainable & organic. 

Roasting Style

Every bean has a voice.

We roast our beans to bring out its best flavor. Some beans are roaster deeper than others.

Sumatra for example is our darkest roast.

While Bali is roasted lighter.

Our descriptions of coffee are done by an independent panel and are accurate.

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