Organic, Fair Trade, Sustainable, Micro-Batch Fresh Roasted Coffee


Brazil Carmo De Minas – Fazenda Pico Agudo

Body: Medium                    A balanced and clean cup with mild nutty finish. Flavors of roasted nuts and milk chocolate with a hint of dried stone fruit. 

Acidity: Medium                Out of stock


Columbia Frontino – Manantiales, Columbia

Body: Full                              Jasmine & grape aroma. Flavors of juicy mango, papaya &

Acidity: Medium                    passion fruit. Sweet meyer lemon acidity with a concentrated blackberry nectar finish.

                                           Out of stock


Columbia Montebonito – The Andes, Andeano Estate.

Body: Medium                      Famous for it’s pleasant acidity, smooth finish, nutty

Acidity: Medium                    overtones and rich medium to full body.  Also great as White Coffee.

                                          16oz  $13.99


Espresso Blend – Multi Regional

Body: Full                              Our signature blend is a secret recipe. Roasted for optimal

Acidity: Medium                    flavor this blend offers a smooth, full-bodied cup with distinct smokiness, aroma and sharply sweet finish.                                                                               Produces thick frothy crema.

                                             Out of Stock


Ethiopia – Africa, Sidama, Chire District

Body: Full                              A beautiful cornacopia of fruit notes with black currant,

Acidity: Medium                    dried strawberry, and muscat stand out. A buoyant body and juicy wine-like character makes this a pleasure to drink.

                                             Out of Stock


Guatamala - Central America, Lake Atitlan Co-op

Body: Full                              Truly special. This multidimensional coffee includes

Acidity: Medium                    lemon, chocolate, and soft spice notes. Rich flavor.

                                             16oz  $17.99


Malawi – Africa, Mzuzu Peaberry Highlands Farm

Body: Medium/Silky             Considered a rarity, this coffee is bright and crisp

Acidity: Medium                    with a full body. It offers a nutty aroma as well as a clean polished finish. Depth of flavor is bottomless.

                                             16oz  $17.99


 Papua New Guinea – Morobe Village

Body: Medium                      Classic savory flavors. Chocolate, dark berries, butterscotch and vanilla.

Acidity: Medium                   Out of Stock


 Sulawesi – Indonesia, Pango Pango Co-op

Body: Heavy                         Thick silky body with mild but vibrant acidity. Mild herbal flavors, a slight red curry spiciness, rich cedar                                     Acidity: Medium                    sweetness and a lingering finish.

                                               Out of stock 


 Sumatra – Malasia, Harimau Tiger Estate

Body: Syrupy                         Locals Favorite. Boysenberry, molasses and dark chocolate lead up to subtle roasted nuts, mild peppercorn and a

                                               long oaky finish.

                                              16oz  $15.99


 BALI – Blue Moon -- Kintamani Highlands

Body: Heavy                         Complex with rich aromatics, A smooth thick body and a long pleasing finish.

Acidity: Medium                    Flavors of toasted walnuts, semi-sweet chocolate with hints of ripe dark berries and vanilla.

                                             16oz  $17.99


Costa Rica El Venado -- Grecia, Naranjo, West Valley

Body: Medium                      A well balanced coffee. Creamy mouth feel and sweet finish.

Acidity: Medium                    Flavors of caramel, sweet orange, dark cherries and milk chocolate.

                                             16oz $16.99


    Delicious Decaf -- Swiss Water Processed – 100% Chemical Free * Steamed with mountain spring water


Decaf Ethiopian - Africa, Sidamo

Body: Full                             Locals Favorite. Rich and smooth, notes of dried tropical fruit and sweet chocolate.

Acidity: Medium                  16oz  $17.99



Decaf Espresso Blend  - Multi Regional

Body: Full                              Velvety body with caramel like aroma, earthy flavor and a bittersweet finish. This blend captures a full                

Acidity: Medium                    Range of characteristics. Crisp and bright.

                                             16oz  $15.99  



Decaf Sumatra – Malasia, Mandheling

Body: Heavy                        Thick Body and a subtle acidity. Pleasant earth notes with flavors of chocolate, roasted nuts and touch of black pepper.

Acidity: Low                         10oz  $10.99 / 16oz  $15.99 


We roast to bring out the best flavor of each bean. However, if you would like it lighter or darker we can custom roast a batch especially for you. Please call ahead for your custom roast. 509-427-0011


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